Retaining Wall Choices for Your Next Landscaping Project in Perth

During our time, we came across numerous homeowners wanting to landscape their property into something alluring from every inch of its corner but didn’t know where to begin. We even checked out gardens of all sizes and shapes needing considerable level changes but also presenting lots of interesting designing opportunities. However, whatever design scope it presented, most of them did require an appropriate retaining wall to hold the soil from one level to the other.

Damian – an experienced professional landscaper in Perth, aptly assisted by Mason- equally skilled in landscaping services used a number of materials readily available to create suitable retailing walls for clients with specific needs. Those materials not only did the job for retaining vivid garden levels but also added a visual amenity to the overall landscaping design.

Our motto at Landcraft Landscaping is to ensure our every landscaping service in Perth is flawless for the client. And with our keen eye for quality materials and project planning; we list below some quality yet reasonable retaining wall choices to handle the level changes in your next landscaping project.

Panel & Post Retaining Wall System: –

It’s a prefabricated concrete wall system structurally planned featuring galvanised steel reinforcement, appropriate chemical additives and ample chemical strengthening.

  • Built to maximum height is 1800mm, the panels are fitted between its posts. Also being sanctioned by the local council, it can be done in a variety of finishes.
  • Its installation is straightforward as to the other retaining wall options, and we think this to be the more reasonable option for you.
  • In terms of aesthetics; it doesn’t score much, but it can be very useful for large garden areas is complemented by a quality planting design and adequately integrated into your garden landscaping design.

Limestone Retaining Wall Structure: –

Being a very common requirement from our served clients across Perth; a reconstituted limestone retaining wall offers adaptability and durability which not many can.  Its blocks will feature a combination of cement and crushed limestone to increase product strength further.

They can be done in different surface finishes like split, polished, honed and even stone finishes.  And while we’ve used the usual light cream limestone shade for most of our projects, Damian even recommended stocking other colours (with affirmation from our clients of course) ranging from Cool Greys to Rustic Reds.

  • They are mainly used for walls of 1800m in elevation or when it requires load-bearing.
  • Usually, its block dimension measures 500mm in length by 200mm in width by 350mm in height. But even with its solid form, they are very useful in performing a wide range of landscaping operations.

Brick Retaining Wall Structure: –

This is yet another popular retaining wall option for property owners in Perth. And unlike the options above, they come in a wider variety of colour palettes, thus presenting better-matched finishes as per your home design.

  • Be it a red brick façade, a modern rendered brick finish or even a recycled brick- they are very much in vogue.
  • They can be painted to achieve your customised landscaping design, and its impressive flexibility allows achieving both angled and curved retaining walls without difficulty.
  • Engineered with ample strength and weather-resistance, they can tackle Perth’s extreme climate and last the test of time, for decades.

Steel Retaining Wall Structure:

In lieu of the aforementioned options, steel retaining walls stand in a league of their own! Although considered more apt for commercial retaining walls and landscaping designing, we have successfully added steel retaining walls and garden edging in some in some of our residential landscaping projects too. And we did that using the most popular options around namely Galvanised steel, rustic weathered steel and Corten-look steel.

  • The interesting thing about steel retaining walls (and we say this even to our clients) is that when installed, they don’t appear excitable or special. But with time as it gets exposed to the elements, it slowly transforms into its true rusty and appealing finish.
  • They are easy to bend and shape and hence can be used for creating retaining walls of different heights. But for any construction over 850mm in height, they will need extra strengthening by holding it in place (usually with stakes) and 1/3rd of its profile height being buried in the soil.

We do hope that the suggested options help get you back on the appropriate retaining track and tackle your property’s level changes. And even though these retaining wall structures are DIY-friendly, to get the optimal results, we suggest you Give Us a Call.

Being a quality landscaping company serving across Perth and constructed all these retaining wall structures before, we are more equipped to getting it done properly, safely and quickly.

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