The Latest Garden Landscaping Trends That Will Define Your Property Better

Trends change in every facet of life and it’s no different in the ornamental or aesthetic aspects of your life, which despite not being the classical bare necessity will affect your living in a significant way. Take for instance garden landscaping. With proper landscaping in place, it will help you significantly in fine and healthy living, reducing the carbon footprint and bringing in elements of nature right at your doorsteps. Hence, formidable landscape design is no more an aesthetic luxury anymore – it is almost a bare necessity in one way or the other.

Like many other things, landscape designing has seen a sea change of the years. Hence, if you are looking to refurbish the landscape design of your home, you must make sure you opt for a contemporary one, which not only is at par the latest trends but which goes a long way in serving its purpose. Thus, when it comes to putting stakes on a company that is into garden landscaping in Perth, you must turn into a reputed name that is not only experienced but is well conversant with the latest landscaping trends. This is where names like Landcraft Landscaping make a difference.

Here on this page, we discuss some of the latest trends that we come up with when we carry out landscaping for our valued clients.

Obeying the law of Significant Enclosure

This the Golden Rule of landscaping – rather than a Law. It follows the rule of nature’s embrace. Thus, as per this law, it is all about setting up enclosures here and there to simulate nature’s embrace. Psychologists say that this style adds a sense of safety in the psyche of people thus making them more comfortable.

Following the regulating Line

This is another form of modern landscaping that is governed by a regulating line that defines the structure of various aspects of the landscaping. The idea is not to go all out while incorporating various features of landscaping. Rather you need to go slow, following an imaginary regulating line, which will provide the entire concept a subtle geometric pattern that will add a new edge. And mind it – when you follow the line, it has to be everywhere – when creating the greenery, the plantation, curving out the walkway and the water body, if any. In short, the line should rule the proceedings, stopping one aspect to overwhelm the other.

The Golden Rectangle

When it comes to planning a landscape design layout in Perth, following the golden rectangle is a MUST. The practical application of the rule can make an enormous difference in the look and feel of the property. The rule states that the ratio of the short and the long side of the landscape should be equal to the ratio of the longer side to the sum of both sides ( short side: long side = long side: long + short side). This will help in the aesthetic balance, giving the landscape a universal look and feel from any angle.

Size matters when planting

Keep the size of the plants in control. Do not let the plants grow in size so much so that they obscure the entire view and as such, the aesthetic appeal of the garden. The best way is to opt for those plants that do not grow much in size.

Plant in masses

Do not let the plant go loose. The appeal will be futile and if you are planning to create multiple focal points, or even a single one by using the plants, it will meander away. Hence, plant in masses, so that it offers an element of compactness, thus creating that much desired focal point that will justify the purpose of the landscaping more authoritatively.

So you see, there has been a significant shift of paradigm in the realm of landscaping, which will refurbish the very concept of landscaping in the days to come. Put your stakes, hence on a company like Landcraft Landscaping that will be well aware of these latest trends. For further details, call us at 403126970 during our office hours.

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