The Efficacy of Decorative Gravels and Stone for Stone Works in Your Landscaping

The aesthetics of landscaping has no limit – to start with!! A proper landscaping design goes a long way to add an element of life to your property with the strategic use of greenery. However, greenery alone cannot add variety and depth to your landscape design. A seamless marriage of hardscaping features and plants & grasses enhances the depth of the vegetation by manifold. This is where the strategic and controlled use of the stones and gravels set off the elegance and beauty of your landscape, its architecture, and its overall look and feel. And also, this is where the intervention of professional landscapers in Perth like Landcraft Landscaping makes the difference.

The efficacy of stonework in a landscaping Concept…..

There is a wide spectrum of materials that, if used cleverly and strategically, can come in handy for designing an attractive landscape. Of them, the hardscape stones are one. Hardscaping, with the help of strategically placed stonework, can enhance the depth of the vegetable of your landscape. Besides, they can serve both functional as well as aesthetic purposes. Besides displaying your patio or the fire pit rather eloquently, they can be used to channel out the rainwater effectively, if placed strategically.

Now the functional and aesthetic purpose that an effective stone Stone Work Perth depends upon the variety that is used. Here is a sneak peek into the different types of stoneworks.

Decorative Gravels

These are one of the most widely used and the most popular hardscape stones that are used for hardscaping these days. Of them, the pea gravel is immensely popular. They come in the form of smallish, round pebbles, which are aesthetically pleasing. They are also inexpensive and hence can be widely used in landscaping designs, without much financial fuss.

Then there are limestone chips and the black lava rocks, which are exotic in appeal but are relatively expensive. But then, good things never come at a low price!! You can use a combination of all these types of decorative gravels for a holistic appeal. Summon an experienced landscaper with a reputation and experience of stonework for landscaping in Perth. It will pay dividends visually as well as functionally.


This is another wonderful option that you can use for stone works for your landscaping. It has been used by the urban planners for centuries and with time and with the advent of new avenues of landscaping and new domestic and commercial aesthetic concepts, they have become increasingly popular. One major reason for the popularity of limestones is their durability. Sandstone remains strong as well as unweathered for seemingly an eternity, even after round the clock exposure to elements.

Amazingly, despite their durability, sandstones are relatively softer than the other stones and hence can be cut into various shapes as per the need. Hence, they can be the perfect choice for shaping stone stairs and other designs. And the fact that they are available in various colours also helps the cause. They are easy to maintain, and even if they are not maintained the aging and lack of maintenance will have a visual effect on them, which will augment the natural look and feel of the stone and help them to merge with the surroundings better.

Thus you see, these two types of stones are particularly preferred by the landscape design professionals in Perth due to obvious reasons. There are, however, other types of stones like granite, slates, and flagstones. But that’s another story. Wait for our next blog!

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