Adding a Putt Putt Golf Course to Your Landscaping Ideas – A General Guideline

The sky’s the limit when things come down to adding features to your landscaping concepts. Notwithstanding the budget constraints, there are a wide plethora of things that you can add to your backyard garden as landscaping features, which will make an aesthetic difference and create that visual aura that you are looking for! One of the most popular landscaping features in Perth that are gaining popularity these days is the Putt Putt golf. More and more people, while going for landscaping, are vouching for these miniature golf courses in their backyard.

Here on this page, we discuss the various aspects of building such a golf course.

The project is pretty simple and you do not need stuff of Himalayan proportion for the project. You can have the course with any combination of bricks and woods, steel or aluminium sidings, and likes. However, the game can best be played with a croquet set, as the balls are larger and much easier to control.

Things that you need

You do not need to mess up your entire backyard. What you need is just a croquet set, a wicket, and a few pieces of duct tapes on the ground, which will act like the ‘holes’.

Building the Maze…

For this, you would need bricks and about 5 heavy cinder blocks.

  • At first, the professionals who come up with Putt Putt Golf course in Perth would start from the entrance, by setting the bricks in a pair of parallel lines. They would angel the central island of the cinder blocks, so that while playing, you are directed towards the correct side of the maze, or into the pocket trap, in case the strike is too hard.
  • The cinderbox will go wherever you bank your shots, as they are supposed to withstand the impact in a much better way.
  • The pros will leave the ‘short cut’ to the left hardly wider than a ball and are designed to be reached only with perfect setup. Or else, you can continue around to the right, where you will get the opportunity to go for a perfect double-bank shot, of those two blocks at the back.
  • And the makers of the Putt Putt Golf in Dalkeith would construct the second pocket trap along with the four bricks stacks as a guard just before the finish.

Building the jump ball…

To build the jump ball, the pros would construct a tower consisting of three blocks, lean the ramp against it, and then they would set a few guide bricks along all the sides.

Then they would set the finish with a pair of ½ cinder blocks in a wall just behind it, which would act as a backstop. Now they will place the remaining bricks to complete the structure of the square around the finish, leaving a pair of narrow entrances on each side.

You can make the hole more difficult by instructing the Putt Putt Golf specialists in Leederville to make the hole more difficult – Par 4, by raising the front wall by an extra inch or more with some more materials, which will prevent the low balls from bouncing over.

You can opt for a design that will put the finish over 20 feet from your ramp, to have some real fun with the ball in your backyard.

Thus you see, you can opt for so many things while laying the putt putt golf course in your backyard as a part of landscaping. All you need to do is to hire a reputed company that is a specialist in this. You do not have to look beyond when you have us at Landcraft Landscaping. For details, call us at 0403126970 during our office hours.

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