What are the Environmental Benefits of Urban Landscaping?

More and more urban populaces are tilting towards landscaping. This is evident from the fact that we at Landcraft Landscaping are getting an increasing number of requests for landscaping quotes from those located right at the heart of the city of Perth as well as suburbs like Leederville, Coogee, Mt Lawley, and the likes. Not without reasons, though! Experts are of the view that proper and professional landscaping does have amazing effects on the urban environment, and goes a long way to contain global warming and reduce carbon footprint. But how?

Let us take a dig at it. 

They act as natural coolants:

Grass is always cooler than cement, asphalt, or concrete by miles. Thus, when you have a sizable grassland around, it surely acts as a natural coolant or air conditioner. In fact, as per the statistics, grasslands are 0.5 degree Celsius cooler than asphalt and 0.2 degree Celsius cooler than bare earth. Indeed, those who have gone for landscaping in Perth at the very heart of the city have experienced it all. But wait!  That’s not all! There’s more in it. Don’t forget the other greeneries. The trees, shrubs, and bushes also contribute in reducing the temperature further. 

They act as environmental cleaners:

Besides acting as natural coolants, the elements of a managed landscape would act as environment cleaners as well. The grass and the foliage would play a pivotal role in capturing all the dust and dirt, smoke particles, and a wide variety of other pollutants, to make the air cleaner and heavy with pure oxygen. In fact, people who have opted for garden landscaping in Leederville do experience breathing in much cleaner air than their counterparts without any landscaped landmass at their properties.  

They clean up the air as well:

The flora of effective landscaping prepared by a professional landscaper in Perth or elsewhere would absorb all the carbon dioxide and break it into carbon and oxygen. In fact, a landscaped lawn of a standard size and dimension is found to daily produce enough oxygen for a family of four. 

They are excellent water protectors:

Effective landscapes are water protectors as well. A healthy and professionally designed landscape in Leederville and managed lawn like anywhere else would absorb all unhealthy runoff, which would have otherwise filtered into the water bodies that are often part of the landscaping these days. Thus, they act as natural water purifiers as well. 

They arrest the Sounds:

These impeccably designed and managed landscapes in Perth or anywhere else will reduce the noise pollution dramatically. They will attract wildlife like birds and butterflies. Their presence will reduce the artificial noise of the urban life in a city, thus adding a natural element with great perfection. This also goes a long way in adding peace and serenity that makes all the difference. In fact, people having properties having designed landscapes in North Coogee as in other Perth suburbs have shown more mental stability and concentration than those without. 

Thus, no matter whether you are in the heart of a city like Perth, or any of its suburbs, it is always important to have a well-defined and managed landscape. Thus, if you are looking forward to having a landscape at your property in Mt Lawley, call us at Landcraft Landscaping.  We will come up with an astounding landscape design in Mt Lawley that will meet your aesthetic needs and serve the purposes we have discussed. Dial 0403126970 for further details. 

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