Some Most Happening Garden Landscaping Trends of 2021

‘Trends’ are never static. They change with time….always!!! And this applies everywhere and landscaping in and around Perth is no different. Thus, when we discuss trends in landscaping, we have the deal with their transformation with time, as well. For instance, the onset of this New Year has seen some significant changes in the landscaping trends. Therefore, if you are toying with the idea of going for some fresh landscaping at your home, here are some latest trends that 2021 has brought in for you to choose from! We at Landcraft Landscaping are proud to state that our landscaping experts are more than familiar with all those trends, making us the best name to turn to!

Going Native will make a difference

If you have plans to get seasonal blooms for your landscape, the best idea is to go for native plants, rather than those ‘immigrants’. When you have the natives in your garden, you can be sure of getting the fullest seasonal blooms that will take the look and feel of your landscape to an altogether new height. Thus, when you hire us, our garden  landscaping experts in Mt Lawley would always vouch for native plants for landscaping.

Using Eco-friendly elements for landscaping

This has been the newest landscaping trend, wherein various eco-friendly elements are incorporated in the landscaping ideas. This may be in the form of huts and decks made up of timber, small patios at vantage points, overlooking a fountain or a rocky water body. The idea is to add a visual distraction by creating that interruption in the landscaping layout. However, while incorporating this particular landscape design in Dalkeith or elsewhere near Perth, our experts ensure that they gel with the look and feel of the rest of the landscape.

Adding Putt-Putt golf

Adding a golf corner makes a huge difference. Our experts would suggest installing one of those Putt Putt Golf courses in Perth that are particularly designed to be fit in your landscaping plans. It will make one of the most striking differences to your landscaping ideas!

Growing Food Plants! 

Growing food plants is no more a fish-out-of-the-water landscaping idea. Indeed, it is one of the most happening trends of the landscaping of late. Growing seasonal foods at a strategic point will not only add a difference to your landscaping but will also augment the overall look and feel by quite a few notches. This indeed would add that x-fact to your landscape design in Crawley, or elsewhere in and around Perth.

Going Vertical 

This is one of the newest landscaping concepts that is making news of late. Going for vertical landscaping in combination with the conventional style will create that visual splendour. While in the past, retaining walls have been adding that visual edge and a jarring effect in the landscape designs in Leederville  or elsewhere, going for vertical landscaping by using those retaining walls will add to the visual continuity you may have been looking for.

Thus you see, when it comes to incorporating the latest landscape designs in North Coogee   or elsewhere in and around Perth, we are the best in the business. To book a service call or to know further details, call us at 0403126970.

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